When you stop and think about it, there are probably more Craftsman mechanics tool sets sitting in peoples garages and workshops than any other brand that competes in today s tool marketplace. Let s face it, when you say Craftsman, the first thing that pops into your mind is tools that are quality made and have a large retail network that stands behinds every single product that they sell. And we re not just talking a few years here.

Every single Craftsman tool, including the Craftsman mechanics tool sets, comes with a lifetime warranty. If for any reason a tool breaks, or doesn t perform and can t be repaired, its replaced. Period. Now try doing that with something you might have purchased elsewhere, say like at one of those big box stores, and see what happens. It s definitely not a pretty sight.

So what really makes Craftsman sets so popular? Is it because the company has slick marketing, pretty models and highly polished ads? Nope. Well, what about because they have aligned themselves with Nascar as their official tool? After all, we all know how incredibly popular Nascar has become. Nope, that s not it either.

Here is the simple reason why all Craftsman tools, including the Craftsman mechanics tool sets continue to hold a place of dominance in the tool market. Plainly put, these are tools that perform. These are tools that are made out of quality materials that are made to last generations unlike so many off brand tools that might last you just a few years or even worse yet, leave you with busted knuckles on a job

And to kind of back this sentiment up, Popular Mechanics reported in November 2010, that Craftsman was named the favorite hand tool brand for the second year in a row when the results were finalized from their Readers Choice survey. Now granted, the results might have been a bit skewed because only 10,000 readers voted, but it does give you an idea of what the general public thinks of Craftsman tools as a whole.

One of the nicest features about the auto mechanics tool sets is the wide variety of sets that you can chose from. Oh, and by the way, you don t really have to be a mechanic in order to enjoy the quality of these tools. Heck, you just may want to be able to change the blade on your lawn mower or put together your child s new bike instead of paying someone to do it.

So no matter where your level of expertise may fall, you can be assured that any number of Craftsman mechanics tools sets will be able to fit your needs. Just for an example, you can find sets ranging anywhere from a simple 53 piece combination tool set all the way up to a whopping 1,068 piece professional set that comes with everything but the kitchen sink. If you need metric tool sets, Craftsman has it. Want just a regular SAE set? Yup, Craftsman has that also. Want a mixture of both? Yeah, you guessed it, you ll find plenty of Craftsman mechanics tool sets to fit the bill.